Cryo-gun Cry-Ac® B-700

Cryo-gun Cry-Ac® B-700


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This larger unit features a greater liquid nitrogen capacity and longer holding time. Learn how to use the Cry-Ac® B-700 properly and effectively.

Capacity: 16 oz. (500ml)

Height: 11.25 in. (286mm)

Weight: Full: 31.6oz. (895g)
Empty: 19.0oz. (540g)

Static Holding Time: 20 to 24 hours

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Trust the leader in liquid nitrogen technology for cryosurgery and skin treatments, Brymill’s Cry-Ac® and Cry-Ac-3® hand-held devices. Available in 500 ml and 300 ml capacities, these units are the first choice of dermatologists and set the industry gold standard in safety, versatility and control.